Vaccine market in India

Opportunities for Dutch Vaccine Industry

Currently, the vaccine industry in India faces the following challenges, which in turn could open up opportunities for the Dutch entrepreneurs:
a) Lack of sufficient cold chain infrastructure;
b) Minimal resource allocation for Research and Development (R&D) of complex vaccines;
c) Access to state-of-the-art technologies and equipment;
d) Evolving Intellectual Property (IP) regime;
e) Regulatory hurdles;
f) Commercialisation of technology;
g) Process optimisation challenges.

All of the above challenges offer infinite opportunities to Dutch entrepreneurs. The Netherlands is already a longstanding partner of the vaccine industry in India and has been providing equipment and technology for the whole value chain. With the ever growing demand for vaccines and India positioning itself as the key manufacturer/exporter of vaccines, there exist a lot of unexplored potential for the Dutch vaccine industry in the Indian market.

This report describes the development of the Indian vaccine market, the export trends, main market players and challenges and opportunities.


Netherlands Business Support Office Hyderabad

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