Markt & Sectorrapporten

De Franse markt reikt tot in het verre westen van het land. 2 regio's doen het economisch gezien beter dan het Franse gemiddelde: Bretagne en Pays de la Loire. De werkgelegenheid neemt toe, bedrijven draaien goed en de vraag naar goederen en diensten van buiten stijgt.

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An Overview

With its tropical climate, the region of Central America is highly popular with cruisers. The strength of the region lies in the fact that all countries except for El Salvador can receive cruisers at both the Caribbean and the Pacific, which are both among the most important waters for cruises. In 2015 around 1.35 million people took a cruise with stops in Central America.

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Developments, opportunities and background info 2017

The Central American region consisting of Guatemala, , El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica hosts a total of 12 major ports. The countries have a geographic advantage by having both ports on the Atlantic as well as the Pacific Ocean. Also their proximity to the Panama canal highlights their advantageous location. However, the region’s ports do face several challenges.

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In the Jiangsu (Jiang), Zhejiang (Zhe) and Shanghai (Hu) area
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The Holland Consulate in Shanghai works with Waste2Wear to recover costal plastic wastes from as raw materials for product manufacturing. The Consulate wants to know the costal solid wastes and determine appropriate costal wastes collection site, especially plastic wastes.

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Challenges and opportunities 2018

Report about the challenges and opportunities in the agricultural sector in Panama. Its agricultural production is mainly comprised of basic grains, fruits and vegetables. In addition, it produces one of the highest quality coffee beans. The sector, however, has experienced minimal growth.

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De kansen voor jonge Nederlandse techbedrijven op de Japanse markt

Japan was jarenlang op verschillende terreinen koploper in technologische innovatie. Door de razendsnelle ontwikkelingen in de rest van de wereld zijn Japanse bedrijven echter geregeld voorbij gestreefd door internationale concurrenten. Een florerend startup ecosysteem zou Japan kunnen helpen de oorspronkelijke leidende rol te herstellen.

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Luxembourg as a knowledge capital and testing ground for the circular economy

The circular economy is more than a potential model for Luxembourg. It is an economic imperative.

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Water is of vital importance to the economy and the wellbeing of the society. Vietnam's ample water resources are used frequently in its climb up the economic ladder. This had negative impact on water quality and caused intensified pressures on the water resources. Moreover, climate change intensifies existing water problems which includes both extremes; too much and too little water.

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