NBCC Equal Pay and Financial Independence

donderdag 22 juni 2023

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Van 22 juni 2023 13:30 Tot 22 juni 2023 14:30

On 30 March 2023, a large majority in the European Parliament approved the new "EU Pay Transparency Directive." With this directive, Europe aims to implement concrete measures to close the gender pay gap.

Part of embracing equity is to embrace equal pay for every gender. There is a gender pay gap that we need to shed light on. Plus in-depth discussion on what it means to be financially independent and how can one individual be financially independent.

We will be discussing:

1. What does equal pay means?
2. How will the gender pay gap impact one's organisation?
3. Ways on how we can embrace equal pay in our workplaces.
4. Step-by-step plan on how to close the gender pay gap

5. What does it mean to be financially independent and what are it’s the importance?
6. How to reach financial freedom (Steps to be financially independent).

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