Piet Koppert Christmas Fundraiser

dinsdag 12 december 2023

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When in May 2023 Piet Koppert passed away, the Netherlands Polish Chamber of Commerce in Poznan lost one of its most engaged and inspiring members.

Many people do remember his outstanding efforts to not only connect the Dutch-Polish business community in Wielkopolska, but especially to ask attention and raise support for the less fortunate in society, for those in need.

The Bread of Life Foundation is a Poznan-based charity with a Dutch director. The foundation has a solid 20-year track record of taking care of people that are coping with alcoholism and poverty. By organising basic needs such as housing, food and clothing, as well as medical and psychological support and help in finding work, people are supported in becoming self-sufficient again. Bread of Life is the largest distributor of food in cooperation with the Wielkopolska Food Bank.

For various years the Netherlands Polish Chamber of Commerce has been working alongside with Bread of Life, with Piet Koppert as a leading ambassador.

Especially now we want to continue this effort by encouraging all members of the chamber to contribute to this year’s “PIET KOPPERT CHRISTMAS FUNDRAISER”!

You can do this, like in the years before, in two different ways:

  • Organize food supplies for the Wielkopolska Food Bank (f.e. fruits or vegetables) to be redistributed by Bread of Life towards its over 4000 benificairies;
  • Make a donation to Bread of Life to ensure both acquisition as well as distribution of food to those in need.

For your supplies please contact Reinier van den Berg: reinier@breadoflife.pl. For your donations Bread of Life has a dedicated account:

02 1090 1362 0000 0001 4369 0126.

Thanks to your support you’ll make this Christmas into one that will be remembered!