Transport & Logistics Knowledge Circle with Santander

woensdag 7 december 2022

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Van 7 december 2022 10:00 Tot 7 december 2022 11:15

The NPCC, Santander Bank Polska and TLP cordially invite our members for the new Knowledge Circle organised together with Santander: Transport & Logistics.

The TSL is one of the key sectors in Poland. In recent years Poland has been gaining strength in the international transport of goods in the European Union. In the years 2010-2021, its share increased from 20% to 33%, making it the undisputed leader. Many factors contributed to this.

What is the situation in the transport sector now? The war in Ukraine, the deteriorating macroeconomic environment in Poland and the EU, the shortage of drivers, rising costs, the Mobility Package and changes in regulations are a big challenge for companies and to keep the upward trend. How do companies deal with these challenges and will Poland remain a leader in road freight transport in the EU?

Wednesday, 7 December

A Knowledge Circle is a new concept of online meeting, organized to share experiences and best practices on a specific subject.

For more information regarding the Knowledge Circles, please contact Julia NeciƄska at

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